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Let’s face it. The internet is something that we just can not deny to the massive businesses circle that we have out there. It is something that we need quite ardently for all types of business even the small scale ones that work from home. Who can deny the monstrous impact that internet has on all types of businesses such as the web design company that offers to rent a website. Businesses can now surely flourish and turn a new leaf for the better if they embrace the internet. No body can deny the fact that internet will always have a huge impact on everything that we have today.


The Internet now allows you the opportunity to work from home. Talk about those people who are shackled to the house because of aged parents or stay at home moms with small children. It was such a hassle for them to go and leave their responsibility behind back in the days before websites and the internet. The internet has now provided them with a way to actually be there for their family members and also earn an income by doing work from home.  Well now, stay at home moms can earn income by using Dropshipping to set up an online store with little cash outlay.


Even a small scale business needs a website to use the internet for their business needs. During the era when internet was just a budding idea and it had yet to grow and expand the way it has, even then no body was in any kind of confusion regarding the importance and the extent of impact that such an asset can have over all types of businesses.


Even if the products that you are selling can not be sold online to the customers, it is still important for you to have a website. You can rent a website from the web design company at a small monthly payment, by using the rent a website option all web design fees, hosting maintenance and upgrades are all included in the low rent a website monthly charge


You should not doubt your products ability to be sold online. Right now, at this very moment, the internet is currently holding a bunch of items that you thought could never sell online. Who could have thought a florist shop could flourish with a website. But the fact is that it does. Every kind of commodity can be sold via the internet. It is a large and outstanding trading platform providing gigantic opportunities to every kind of material possible out there.


If you are ready to have a website then you should check out what can the most sought after SEO web design company offer you.


You should be a lot more optimistic that your product will sell online. Look at it this way. There are far more interested shoppers online than products that are available. You can find people who are willing to purchase things as small as socks or books to things as big and expensive as boats and ships. So why would not your product qualify as something that would sell online. Anything can sell as long as you do the correct marketing. This is where SEO web design comes in, when you buy your website or even rent a website it needs to be search engine optimized or SEO.


You should not just solely rely on the internet it is always advisable that you use conventional methods too. In the advertisements and flyers that you post, you should have your website printed on them too. Also include your website address on the phone directory information, in fact anywhere it can be seen.


This will definitely be a huge boost to your business, no matter what your business is related to.

Then if you do decide to have a website, or rent a website then you should at most have a website that is extremely professional when it comes to looks. That does not mean you need the latest dancing fairies and stars flying across the screen. It should be clean and professional yet inviting. Websites that give off a non serious look will surely make your customers run far away from you. Your websites should have sufficient knowledge about the products that you are selling or the services that you are providing. It should be a medium that your customers can use to gain information regarding various things.


Where do people first go when they need information regarding things? The answer should come as no surprise to you; the internet. Not being in a place where surely at almost every moment of the day somebody is trying to find something that you are willing to offer is a very unwise move.


Another thing; even if you are a workaholic you simply cannot work for an entire day and night, day after day. It is inhumane and simply not possible. But guess who can work for you round the clock; your faithful website. It can help grab new customers for you even when you are all snuggled up in bed.


You can even go for the web design UK companies that offer you the opportunity to have a pay monthly web site.  You could get a website for a month at a time when you rent a website. It would allow you to see which web site design and lay out would help you gain maximum clients.


Why to Choose The Web Design Company

The industry is continuously looking for a professional Web design Company who can deliver good services in an efficient manner to create Ecommerce web design. Individuals interested and keen on learning more about the website design are either part of some ecommerce website company or someone wanting to work from home as freelancers to provide their services. There is a good amount of money that can be earned from having an ecommerce website especially when you also use the services of a Dropshipping wholesaler and many professionals are adapting to it.

Ecommerce Web design UK businesses are providing a number of cheap website options for people looking for an effective website design for their businesses, which is also ideal for new start-ups and those wanting to work from home. One of the primary reasons could be that an ecommerce website design is becoming a necessity for the virtual presence of businesses because of demands by customers. The internet boom has now made it compulsory to interact with clients and customers through websites. The Web Design Company in UK is an Ecommerce web design company offering feasible solutions for people looking for cheap website designs.


At the web Design Company you can now get an ecommerce web design on a monthly plan like you do with mobile phones, instead of paying a large upfront fee for a cheap website you can have pay monthly websites built for no large upfront fee. When you have decided on the ecommerce web design you are happy with, the web design company will then have the pay monthly websites up and running within about a week. With Pay monthly websites from the web design company you get everything included. The features you should expect with pay monthly websites are a free domain, Ecommerce web design with all the features expected from an ecommerce website, website hosting, any changes to the website that you require, maintaining the website and fixing any problems that occur and also any new updates. In short with pay monthly websites, the web design company will look after the technical side of keeping your website online and running, leaving you to concentrate on promoting your products.






Customers can now get access to cheap web design services in a number of ways. They can either purchase a onetime cheap web design service from the Web Design Company at a onetime rate or they can benefit from what is called the pay monthly websites exclusively being offered by the Web Design Company.


Pay monthly websites or website rental services are an alternate to having a cheap website design that businesses may acquire from either freelance web site designers or work from home professionals. The benefit of choosing the pay monthly website, web design services is that they provide maintenance services as well with the cheap website design. Normally as the process of website design is completed the web site designers are paid for their service and the maintenance and updating of the website is left for the customer to take care of. With professional web design services like that of the Web Design Company customers can now benefit from a continuous maintenance and upgrading service through website rentals.


Website rentals are feasible ways to have an efficient and effective website for your company. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds to web site designers you can rent a website from the Web Design Company who will take care of the hosting, maintenance, updating and alterations in the website for a monthly fee.


At a minimal fee of 17.99 per month customers can rent an ecommerce website design like the ecommerce website design examples on, you can also have mobile website design and SEO web design included in the pay monthly website fee. Unlike how most of the people pay extra money to web site designers for even small alteration or updating required on the cheap website design, with the Web Design Company there are no extra charges. The customers get the benefit of paying fixed monthly fees for the service and rent a website easily.


What People Want Out of Cheap Website Design


When people decide to get a cheap website design for themselves, it is not actually a cheap web design that they get because it can require hundreds of pounds to be given to the web site designers. And when there is a need of some upgrading or content change required then more money is to be provided again to the website design company so that they can make the changes. A much better option is to rent a website at a fraction of the price. Professional web design services like that of the Web Design Company is sure to provide its customers with website rental services for any of the ecommerce web design, SEO web design or mobile website design requirements.


The idea is simple and requires paying up a monthly amount to the professional for building a professional yet cheap website, hosting the website, maintenance or errors and malfunctions as well as upgrading and alteration when required. The fee is minimal from around £11.99 to £17.99 per month and a full-fledged hosting service is guaranteed by the Web Design Company. Customers can get a full ecommerce website design up and running for as long as they want without needing to worry about its maintenance and upgrading.


Having a website rental service for your business provides the greater benefit of cost efficiency. The pay monthly websites are the current trend being offered by many web design UK services. These are also affordable website design solutions that most companies are looking for. Work from home individuals can also contribute to web design services in this aspect.


Benefits of Rental Services


One of the main benefits of pay monthly websites or website rentals is that cheap web designs can come in handy. There is less design burden and hassle involved for the customers as much of the work is done by the Web Design Company. The web site designers offering the website design services are familiar with the latest ecommerce web design trends and they can guide better in the development of these pay monthly websites. Customers only need to provide the text that needs to be put up and in very rare cases images might also be required.


The web design services are also well aware of the technicalities and the look and feel of the website. They understand the placement of text and images according to ecommerce website design requirements. Even when the web design services are for cheap website design like SEO web design or mobile website design, they have the experience of constructing and maintaining them professionally. There are different requirements in terms of placement of text and images, look and feel and the navigation of different types of web design UK. It is best for companies wanting a cheap website to let these requirements be handled by the professional web design services.


The Web Design Company also provides room for work from home professionals in the website rental or pay monthly websites category. They are responsible for most of the maintenance and alteration aspects of pay monthly websites. The customers can choose from a number of design templates, features to be added and can tell about other details. The web design development team constructs the cheap web design according to your requirements and then takes the responsibility of handling the website as well. The customers will be paying a monthly fee which is better than paying more first for building a website and then paying again for changes required every time.


Cheap website designs are what everyone is looking for because of the compulsion of having an online presence. It is almost impossible now for businesses to operate effectively without a website which is why they are looking for affordable website design services. When it comes to web design UK the website rental service is an attractive offer to provide customers. Your website company can gain prominence if you focus on these aspects. It is also a good opportunity for work from home individuals to build on their web design skills.


Cheap web design services adopt efficient web site designers to handle the job. The website company will not be of much importance if the issues during maintenance cannot be handled in a professional manner. Cheap website design services like that of the Web Design Company are beneficial for all sorts of businesses.


The web design industry is now allowing companies and professionals who work from home to contribute to the website rental services. This is a new trend in the affordable website design field and many people are leveraging from it especially for ecommerce web design. If you are looking for a professional website company there is no better option than the Web Design Company in UK as the customers get to experience quality with affordability.




Web-sites are expensive and time-consuming affairs.  There is a deliberate harassment of making sure that one’s web-site stays current. Web-sites need upgrading that adds more expense and takes too much time.

Website renting is an amazing way to get everything one need while saving time as well as money. By renting, one can ward off the expense and time of having to design and maintain one’s own site. With website rentals, one can also not pay heed to the extra costs like hosting. When one rents a website, everything is included.

Website rental has a positive point over leasing; the services come with no contract. As everybody knows that a professional web site is necessary for new companies to publicize their services, but it is difficult to always afford it.

Company owning and running it, is not a matter of joke. Most business owners simply don’t have the sufficient time to create a website from scratch. In today’s fast paced modern world taking the help of a do-it-yourself web-site kit does not reduce the time to that extent and effort that maintaining a web-site requires. When one rents a website, a lot of time can be saved.

After all, the business must deserve attention, not the website.

There are many sites which offer website designs for rent for almost every business known!  Designs are mainly organized into categories that are listed through a simple menu system. And there are over 12,000 designs in various rental inventories; one surely can find whatever one wants.

Website-renting is a monthly rental package which is necessary for a small business needs to put their business online for a small amount of money a month, plus a small initial setup fee! Rent a website utilizes readymade websites, customized to suit one’s business needs by eliminating the need for the upfront costs of web design. The design template of one’s choice must be selected; the features what one would like one’s web site rental to have must be picked.

Once the website rental is all set and ready to work, the Content Management System designed to handle the changes made that may be needed in the future.

Best of all, Rent a website system are not ordinary websites. The Rent a website system gives one control over the editing and administration of one’s website. The user friendly system allows him or her to instantly update his or her website through their Internet browser wherever and whenever he or she needs to.

One doesn’t only want a website, but a combination of several feature. Some of them are:

  • various leads;
  •  enquiries;
  • Huge customer base;
  •  business

One can opt for a couple of options, one can:

  •  use traditional media (yellow pages, newspapers, magazines etc) for advertisement; or
  • One can go with the new website idea and hope he or she get some enquiries

The average cost in UK of a new website is £1200 + VAT + support + SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fees while it is only required to pay a minimal monthly amount for website rental. is a must for new companies to




The concept is simple, and it includes the following;

  • A domain name of the person’s choice
  • Unlimited email accounts to his or her chosen domain name
  • Free hosting of the person’s website
  •  Annual fees are not required.
  • Monthly website revisions take place, like changing text and images
  • Flexible payment options which keep continue cash-flow!
  • The highest levels of customer service are possible!
  • Prices start from just a small amount per month.

If one would prefer not to pay for his or her web design project in one go, one can select to spread the costs over a monthly plan. An illustration is given as to how much his or her pay monthly options start from. It must be noted that charges may differ depending on his or her final brief of project.

Some of the terms and conditions in summarised form is-
Generally the contract is of minimum 12 months. (Although here at the Web Design there is no minimum contract) If one fails to make a payment, his or her site can be temporarily taken offline until payment is made. Payments on monthly basis should be made by standing order from the date of completion of website. If one wishes to cancel one’s contract before 12 months he or she must give notice of 1 month and the remaining balance must be paid up to month 12. The website will be then deactivated and if it is required, ho or she can request their respective domain name to be released for use with hosting providers of other for a very small domain transfer fee of approximate  £10. The  full terms and conditions for the pay monthly options generally will are provided to the client before commencement of project.

Simply one of the hosting & support plans must be selected according to the number of plug-ins he or she needs for his or her website based on content management. This will entitle him or her to a website design which is free bespoke and can be freely upgraded every 24 months.

By choosing the cash flow helper Rent a website option one can receive the following benefits:

  • With each plan there will be Free website design
  • Hosting
  • Technical support
  • Free website design upgrade
  •  Up-front costs are nil.

There are various kinds of packages:1.Starter package  2.Business package 3.Enterprise package.Various packages offer various kind of monthly payments.

Usually the sites are up and running about a week after the company receives all of the contents of their clients and you sign off on his or her designs.

Usually only text & images are needed to be sent online, but anything else can also be sent as one would like. One can talk it through it when the client gets in touch.

Nobody knows your business better than the person who is owning and running the business. That’s why the websites stick to web design and leave the text to the client.


If one no longer needs his or her site it isn’t a problem at all. With The web Design the contracts or cancellation fees are not there. Just let the web design know and they’ll cancel his or her rent a website package.

Many sites offer a 10% discount on all plans when one signs up for 12 months with advance payment.

Sometimes it becomes complicated working out where to start. That’s why the various websites are there for help. One must get in touch and they’ll make sure you get what your business needs with a wonderful price.

For Small Monthly Payments there are no contracts.

One needs to  just simply pay monthly plans starting from approximately £12 per month.

There is nothing to install or tweak. The content must be sent to the websites & they’ll do the rest.

Design, hosting, development, and email are completely taken care of.


They are beautifully designed & built expertly. It is a big agency design, without any price tag.

There is Business Class Support.

The Web Design

Our Pay monthly Website Package From £2.77 a week

Getting a website made for your business can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds from many of the web designers. This may seem like a lot of money to spend on a web especially when money is tight. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get an affordable website for your business. The Web Design offers a solution where you can rent a Website. When you rent a Website you can have your own web design website at a fraction of the price.
As a professional website design company we specialise in
Website Design, E Commerce websites & Internet Marketing. We build Easy to use, Clean, professional and simple web design, the websites that we build are aimed at independent traders, start-up businesses and small businesses with a limited budget, You can rent a website from £11.99 per month for an information website, or £17.99 for a full E commerce and unlike most pay monthly website designers, there are no other extras to pay for as our websites are fully inclusive.

Instead of paying thousands of pounds for an Ecommerce or information website, you can rent a website from The Web Design for only £11.99 a month which works out at just £2.77 for an information website, or £17.99 a month which works out at just £4.15 a week for a full E commerce website. How much do you pay per week for a high street shop, rates and bills? All of the pay monthly website packages we have available are all inclusive fully managed websites including hosting. When you rent a website from us you just pay a small monthly amount with no minimum contract or ongoing commitment. The Monthly fee we charge for our rent a website is about what you pay per hour for many website design companies. We cover the cost of building your website upfront and we do not recoup our costs until you have been trading for a long time. By taking the financial risk upfront with your website we are demonstrating our confidence that you will be happy with our service for years ahead, this also demonstrates our commitment to supporting you for the long term, not just taking a large amount of money for doing your website design, and then leaving you on your own. We believe that if you are happy with our service you will want to stay with us. So if you decide you do not want to continue using our services we do not have any obstacle’s to prevent you leaving. We make things simple for you to run your own website, helping you to open your own full ecommerce store, providing everything you need to sell your products online at an affordable price.

It is simple for you to get your own online shop set up. With the rent a website package we offer, you do not need any html programming or any website design experience. Once your order is placed your online shop will be up and running within about a week. The E commerce website will have everything you need to sell you products and get your customers coming back again to buy more. The Web Design is the number one choice in the UK for service and value. All we need from you to get started is your text and your images for the front page.


Your website will have the following


  • Search engine friendly
  • Take multiple payment options
  • Offer multiple shipping options
  • No software needed to download
  • A complete website design solution
  • Optimized for mobile internet
  • Any new features, upgrades and modifications added for free
  • Have Google maps added for free
  • You get Social media added for free
  • Have unlimited free email accounts
  • On page SEO is included
  • Off page SEO support and advise by phone or email
  • Easy to use website admin area
  • Easy to add, edit or remove products
  • Email notification to multiple addresses when you have an order
  • Phone and email support
  • Free help and adjustments



To order your website just select the layout that you like, we will then contact you so that we can get the information needed to start building your website. We can also offer advice in choosing the domain name and also with producing the text for your website. We will normally have your website online within the week. We then offer free telephone support to talk you through using your website.

Once we have your website set up and running, you will need visitors to your website. Unless there are people (traffic) going to your website, you will not obtain any sales. And if you are not getting sales revenue then your business will not progress. It is in our interest as well as yours that you are successful, because our success depends on your success The Web Design does not have any minimum contract to rent a website, hence it is in our interest that your website business is a success and continues trading. We are always available to offer telephone or email help and support with marketing and promoting your website.

From the start, the rent a website that we build for you will be search engine friendly with relevant header tags, Meta tags, page titles etc. and we will have the website submitted to the search engines at the earliest opportunity. We will also advise you on how to get your website listed with your local and national business directories. As with any other business you will need to do some marketing and promotion to build your customer base and increase your sales income. Through our SEO website you will find advise< guides and articles all about improving your websites presence on the internet including the current best ways to move your website towards the top of the search engines. You will also find links that will take you to other companies that may be able to help your marketing campaign. No one can guarantee a number 1 spot but we will do what we can to try and get you there. On the SEO How to website you will find tools and links that will help get move your website up the search engine pages and also tools to help analyze and monitor your progress.

In the admin area of the website you can add, edit or remove products you can also create special offers or discounts, you can even preset the start and end dates of your special offers and the website will automatically add and remove the offers accordingly. In the database all your customer details are stored enabling you to send newsletters and notifications by email. How customers access the internet is changing with more people using mobiles to browse the internet. We optimize your website so it can be viewed more easily on the mobile smart phones.

Once your customer places an order on your website, you are sent an email advising you that you have a sale. You can then easily view and print out the details of the order. The website will also calculate the shipping costs and create an invoice for your customer. The customer is automatically sent an acknowledgment email saying their order has been received and is pending, further emails are sent stating that the order is being processed and posted, thus keeping your customer informed of the progress of the order. If using PayPal as a payment method then it is all automated for you with you receiving notification via the website.

You can look up your customers’ details and order information from the website. Your customer is able to see their past orders and the website will store any delivery and contact information on its database so the customer does not need to re-enter all the information for successive orders. The website also produces packing notes which can be printed out with the delivery address.

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